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Sometimes I have a whole bunch of fun when answering a question on how to do something in Pro-Stitcher!

Copying Your Downloaded Designs to Your Pro-Stitcher

Our online class: Keep Your Pro-Stitcher Current is live!


Course curriculum

  • Set Up for Success - Welcome!
  • Lesson 1: Where to locate your software version on your Pro-Stitcher
  • Lesson 2: How to update your software version on your Pro-Stitcher
  • Lesson 3: How to install Pro-Stitcher simulation (SIM) on your laptop or computer
  • Lesson 4: Where to go to find out if there is a Beta version of Pro-Stitcher and get information on it
  • Lesson 5: If you updated and don't want to keep the new version, how to rollback to a previous version of Pro-Stitcher

Mini Masterclass on Where to buy digital quilting designs:

Our first video! I am positive that I will get better when I figure everything out!